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 Posted: Fri Mar 6th, 2015 09:39 pm
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I have been trying to determine the studio that produced the stained glass windows in our church, Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary Roman Catholic Church, in Lorain, Ohio, for several years without much success.  Our church was built in 1915 by the contractor Anthony F. Wasielewski of Minneapolis.  The building has beautiful, opalescent glass windows of high quality.  The opalescent glass is unpainted, while the faces, hands, and feet in the windows are painted beautifully.


In my research, I have come across photos of windows, produced by the studio of John Kinsella, a prominent Chicago firm at the time of the construction of our church.  The style and quality of his windows and the ones in our church seem very similar to me.  I know of two other Wasielewski churches that have similar windows to ours, St. Josaphat Church in Cleveland, Ohio, and Holy Family Church (now cathedral) in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  Neither church knows the studio that produced their windows.  I am wondering if there would be any records of churches to which the Kinsella studio provided windows and if the records would confirm that any of the three mention churches had windows, produced by the Kinsella studio.  Another possibility would be to find known Kinsella windows that would be identical to the ones in our church.  I have attached a scan of four windows from our church in JPEG format.  Perhaps an expert can comment on the likelihood of these windows being produced by the John J. Kinsella Company or some other studio.


Are there any catalogs from the Kinsella studio from around 1915, which would show examples of the studio’s work?  I have contacted the Chicgo and Lockport historical societies, our diocesan archives and have thoroughly searched the Internet for any help without making progress.  I would be very grateful for any information.



Philip Bak

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