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AGG Bylaws
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 Posted: Wed Dec 3rd, 2008 06:18 pm
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Section 1.  Eligibility

Any person interested in furthering the mission and goals of the AGG who applies for membership and tenders the necessary dues shall become a member upon approval of their application by the Board of Directors, without regard to race, gender, age, color, religion, disability status, sexual orientation, marital status, ethnic or national origin.

Section 2.  AGG Members

To be a member in good standing, the member pays annual dues, as set by the Board of Directors, and shall abide by the bylaws of the AGG.  If payment has not been received within 30 days of due date, notice shall be given to the Board by the Secretary or such Board member who will be responsible for maintaining membership rolls based on dues paid.  

Section 3.  Removal of Members

Members can be removed by a two-thirds vote of the Board of Directors of the AGG for the following reasons:  non-payment of dues as stated in Article IV, section 2; failure to adhere to the Bylaws; or conduct materially and seriously prejudicial to the purposes and interest of the organization.   Rights of membership will be suspended upon the vote of the Board and full removal will take effect 30 days after written notification is sent by the Board or their designated representative.

Section 4.  Membership Categories

            The following membership categories will be designated by the Board:

a)      Individual.  Individual Members can serve on committees, be elected Directors and vote at the Annual elections.  Individual Members are responsible for paying the appropriate dues.

b)       Student Members.  Student members have the same rights, privileges and responsibilities as Individual Members with the exception of being elected as a Director, but pay the appropriate dues.  To qualify as a student member the applicant must submit proof of current enrollment in a college or university with their application and with each renewal.

c)      Senior Advisor.  Senior Advisors are elected by the Board of Directors.  Senior Advisors can serve on committees; be elected as officers or directors and can vote at the Annual elections.  Senior Advisors will pay appropriate dues as set by the Board of Directors.

d)     Honorary Titles.  The AGG may create such classes of “membership,” such as contributing members or honorary members, as the Directors see fit, but such persons shall not have the rights of members under Title 15A, Corporations, Non-profit of the Revised Statutes of New Jersey.

Section 5.  Annual Meetings

An Annual Meeting of the Members shall be held in conjunction with and at the place of the Annual Conference each year, or at such time and date as determined by the Board of Directors at the preceding Annual Meeting.  The place of the Annual Meeting shall be at the principal office of the AGG, or at such other place as shall be specified in the notice of meeting.  The purpose of the Annual Meeting shall be for the election of Directors

Such notice shall include and identify the place, date and time of said meeting; and shall provide notice of the nominated candidates for the Board of the AGG and any and all other business as the Board may decide to put before the membership.  The preceding year’s financial statement shall be available upon request to all members in good standing at or after the Annual Meeting.

Section 6.  Voting

[size=Only certified members who have paid their annual dues may vote.  ]The Secretary of the AGG shall certify members in good standing at least ten days before the annual meeting using the membership list maintained by the Secretary of the AGG.  Such list shall be made available for inspection by any member of the AGG in good standing.  All voting for Directors shall be by paper ballot. 

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